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The 20 Greatest Steakhouses in the US

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Posted September 19, 2014 by Caitlin Bussmann

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There is nothing better than a great steak. Here are the 20 best steakhouses in America. Check out which Midwest steakhouse claimed our top spot.

Our #20 spot goes to Churrascos in Houston; not the only steakhouse in Houston to crack the list.

With so many great options in Vegas, Prime is not the last time a Vegas steakhouse appears on this list.

Oklahoma City’s hot spot.

San Francisco’s best steakhouse.

Not the last time a Texas steakhouse makes our list.

One of many excellent options in Vegas.

The well known king of steaks in Chicago.

A great family-owned spot in Kansas City.

The best in Texas, locations in Houston and Dallas.

The best steakhouse in Wisconsin. Mr. B’s is located in Milwaukee.

Our first New York steakhouse mentioned, and not our last.


Several locations including Cleveland, Boca Raton, and South Beach.

Bern’s takes Florida’s top spot, and our fourth best steakhouse in America. A trip to Tampa is worth a steak from Bern’s.

A popular pick as the nation’s best, Wolfgang Puck’s CUT cracks our top three. Check it out in Vegas or Beverly Hills.

Beats out Keen’s as New York’s best steak.


The best in the Midwest? Try the best in America. You’ll have to travel to Indianapolis for the best steak in america.