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Street Vendor In China Makes Mind Blowing Cotton Candy

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Posted October 8, 2014 by Michael Peckerar


When’s the last time you had cotton candy?  Do you remember it being in a shape other than “blob”?  Probably not, unless you visited this guy’s cart:

Yes, please.  In our hands right now.

How does someone even begin to learn how to do that?  It kinda makes you want to fly to China just to find him and ask.  And then have some cotton candy.  Granted you’d be afraid to eat it because it’s so beautiful, but then again — it’s cotton candy.

It also begs the question as to whether or not he takes requests.  Could he make you an apple if you asked? What about a palm tree?  Is there anything he can’t make?  And is cotton candy the only medium he works in? Can he work in rock candy? What about caramel? The list of questions is endless but only gets in the way of him making more cotton candy flowers.

Somewhere in the South, there’s a county fair where this guy is going to randomly show up and just blow everyone’s mind within 20 miles.  The lines would stretch into the next county and they’d have to import sugar just to keep up.  Maybe America just isn’t ready for this guy yet.