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3 Special Phases Of Making Sour Punch Straws Vegan

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Not only children but also adults love to enjoy flavorful candies that can bring many health benefits and happiness for you in your life. They can make your life better and happier with their sweet flavors.

Are Sour Punch Straws vegan? This is a difficult question that is asked by many vegans because they also want to find a suitable kind of candy to eat.

Let’s find your answer in this post today. I will analyze the detailed information about the sour punch straw for you to understand more.

Overview Of Sour Punch Straws

Many people know that Sour Punch Straw is a kind of candies you can eat whenever you want. But whether all people can know its brand and its ingredients or not. Let’s discover this information with me.

Sour punch brand

Before knowing about Sour Punch Straws, I will introduce some information about the Sour Punch brand. Sour Punch is a brand of sour candy of American Licorice Company, one of the first companies to enter the sour candy market.

They specialize in various classic fruity flavors such as strawberry, blue raspberry, apple, cherry, and watermelon. Sour Punch Straws are just one of five candy variants that are produced by the American Licorice Company. 


Sour punch straws

Sour Punch Straws are the most favorite candies for many people, including adults and children. They have a sweet and strawberry flavor that is very delicious and easy to eat. Many people love sour punch straws’ flavors because they are sweet enough to eat.

Some vegetarians also love to eat these candies. However, they do not know about Sour Punch Straws Ingredients, so they cannot know whether they can eat these candies or not. Are sour punch straws vegan?

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How Are Sour Punch Straws Vegan Made?

Sour Punch Straws Ingredients

  • Corn Syrup
  • Wheat Flour
  • Sugar
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Glyceryl Monostearate
  • Glycerin
  • Artificial Flavor
  • Artificial Color Added 

Therefore, you can see that there are no animal ingredients in this recipe. I ensure that you can eat this kind of candy, whether you are vegans or not.


Sour Punch Candies are a mix of sugar, flour, corn syrup, and water in a giant kettle that are stirred to get the right consistency, and then the color and flavor are added.

Next, heat the batch up to 170 degrees and pump it into a cooker to expel the excess moisture. When it gets the right moisture, the candy translates into an inclined belt and goes through a cooling tunnel to 70 degrees.

Finally, the candy is coated with its sweet and sour blend cover before being cut to length and packaged for delivery.

Some Information About Sour Punch Straws Ingredients

Although the Sour Punch Straws do not come with any flagrant animal ingredients, ingredients such as sugar, glycerin, artificial flavors, and colors are seen as problems in the vegan community.

However, some ingredients are not explicit about their origin. And they are clear in terms of how they are handled after being extracted. Therefore, I will analyze their ingredients to know more than cinnamon toast crunch vegan


Sugar is typically extracted from two sources, including sugar canes and sugar beet, with a similar taste. Both of them are used in equal amounts in the United States. However, they are both manufactured differently with different methods and ingredients.

For example, sugar from beets is filtered by a diffuser. They are mixed with additives to achieve crystallization. In contrast, sugar from cane is filtered and bleached using a property called bone chars, which result from heating the bones of cattle at high temperatures and reducing them to black, charcoal-like powder to obtain its pure white color.


Glycerin, a viscous, odorless liquid that gets dissolved in water and is low in toxic levels, is an essential ingredient in a variety of products because it can prevent moistness.

Therefore, it is used for many different purposes, such as producing a base for lotions, fruit storage, or making cakes and candies like the Sour Punch Straws.

Glycerin can be extracted in two ways. One is vegetable oils derived from plants, and another is the fat naturally present in animals. Therefore, vegetable-based glycerol is the one that is widely used for many activities.

Artificial Flavors and Colors

The issue with artificial flavors and colors do not lie in the origin of its ingredient. But the process of it before it’s introduced into a product.

Furthermore, any synthetic ingredient must be regulated and researched carefully, and so it must be tested (over time) to ensure it’s safe for consumption.

These tests feed the animals with these ingredients or brush them against their eyes or skin to determine any potential effects.

Therefore, many vegans do not like eating products containing any artificial flavors or colors.

Nutrition Facts Of Sour Punch Straws

1. Calories

There are 120 calories in a pack of sour punch straws that can supply you with more energy to work and enjoy outdoor activities. You will not worry about being stuck with these candies.

2. Sodium

A pack of sour punch straws contains 5mg of sodium, which is used to balance pH in your blood so that you can avoid lowering blood pressure and regulate kidney activity to keep your body healthy.

3. Glucose

Glucose, which is one of the body’s preferred sources of fuel in the form of carbohydrates, is used to keep the body’s mechanisms in top working order. Therefore, you can supply glucose to your body by eating sour punch straws because a pack of these candies contains 18 grams of glucose.

Benefits Of Eating Candies

You may not know that eating candies can bring many health benefits to help you work better. You may not eat sweets much, but a little piece of candies can help you solve your problem easier.

1. Eating candy live longer.

A comprehensive study revealed that people who eat candy outlive those who do not. Modest candy consumption from one to three times a month is associated with the most significant health benefit because it helps people not only have a daily habit but also live longer.

2. Sugar can restore willpower.

When doing some challenging tasks, a sugar shot can help people persevere longer and keep them focused. Eating a few pieces of candy while taking on a big project from yard work to homework can help you work longer.

3. Chewing gum will improve your mental health.

A gum stick can improve your mood, reduce stress, increase mental focus, and even block pain. Chewing gum increases serotonin levels, which will help you to work more efficiently.

4. Chocolate decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You may probably hear about the health benefits that chocolate can bring to your body. Some research shows that anyone who often eats chocolate five or more times a week will be 60% less likely to have heart disease. 

5. Cotton candy can create new blood vessels.

According to researchers at Cornell University, cotton candy can be melted down to create artificial blood vessels. However, if you do not like eating cotton candy, you can choose some soft candy to replace.

6. Increase your ability to focus

Suppose you’re having difficulties in figuring out a problem or getting stuck on an assignment proving to be particularly tricky. Let’s eat a piece of candy because some studies have shown that candy containing sugar can help people focus better and stay on task when they are working on something. Therefore, whether it is homework or an issue at your job, the fastest solution is to eat a piece of candy to focus and work effectively.

7. Boost your energy level

A delicious piece of chocolate could be your perfect solution to increase energy levels. Because chocolate is made from cacao, which is growing the pods containing the beans that we process into cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate, it has high theobromine levels.

8. Boost your cognitive functioning

Besides its theobromine, candy also brings an amino acid that is a part of the neurotransmitter dopamine to give the power to help streamline the signals firing between your brain’s nerve cells. Therefore, any candy that contains sugar can provide a boost for your brain.

9. Boost Your Mood

A piece of chocolate can pep up your mood when you are stressed or tired because it contains serotonin, a natural antidepressant, and phenylethylamine, improving mood.

Closing Ideas

To sum up, Sour Punch Straws are vegan, so you can easily eat this wonderful candy, whether you are vegetarians or not. Let’s buy them to enjoy them now. If you have any other information, you can comment on it below to share it with everyone.

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