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Pics of Thanksgiving Dishes That Will Make You Drool

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Posted October 25, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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Check out these yummy pics of Thanksgiving dinner!

Brussell sprouts served warm on a cold Thanksgiving Day.

Juice turkey on a serving plate just waiting to be eaten.

The best part of Thanksgiving is carving the turkey.

Crispy dough on the outside and warm chicken on the inside.

Turkey with all the side on a plate.

A closeup of a typical Thanksgiving Day plate.

Nothing like cranberry bread to complete Thanksgiving Day.

Fresh cranberry sauce resting on the table.

Cranberry sauce cooking slowly on the stove.

Nothing better than a full plate on Thanksgiving Day.

Crispy onions on top and green beans underneath.

Holiday ham resting on the table.

Pumpkin pie waiting to be eaten.

Fresh pumpkin pie cooling on the table.


Closeup of plate of food on Thanksgiving Day.

Freshly made pumpkin soup with basil.

Pumpkin soup cooked in a pumpkin.

Cheesy potatoes just waiting to be eaten.

Tart on a just set table.

Thanksgiving Day table waiting for people.

Turkey and gravy on a plate.

Turkey and pie sitting on the table.