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Menu Items You Didn’t Know Existed

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Posted November 8, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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Next time you are at your favorite fast food place, try these secret menu items.

This burger comes with four beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce. It is also known as the Quad Stacker.

Similar to the original chicken sandwich, the Spicy Char adds a kick with tons of flavor. It consists of a spicy chicken patty with lettuce and sauce between two buns.

The shell of the burrito is a cheese quesadilla. Fill it will all your favorite Chipotle fillings and they will be wrapped up inside the gooey cheese quesadilla.

This consists of hot chocolate blended with ice cubes. It is then topped with whip cream. Some locations only have it seasonally.

This burger has 4 patties and 4 slices of cheese. It is topped with lettuce, tomato, and spread all between two buns.

This smoothie tastes just like you are eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, soy milk, and frozen yogurt blended to perfection.

This consists of a McChicken covered with egg and cheese all in between two McGriddles. It is also called the Chicken McGriddle at some locations.

This consists of a bacon burger with peanut butter slathered on the top all between two buns. Might need to wear a bib for this one.

On the bottom is a layer of Fritos, covered with chili, then nacho cheese to create a delicious pie. Make sure to grab napkins!

A piece of biscotti is blended along with your Frappuccino. This adds tasty cookie chunks into your Starbucks coffee.

The Hulk Burrito is a bean and cheese burrito with loads of guacamole on the top. If you love guacamole, this is a must try!

Once they actually made it, Harold ordered 30 sliders, 5 french fries, and 4 large cherry cokes. Kumar ordered the same but with diet cokes.