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Lima Bean Respect Day Kind Of Makes Sense For 4/20

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Here’s another quirky unofficial day that you would never know existed if it weren’t for the internet. It is Lima Bean Respect Day, so I guess that means it is appropriate to respect them? Is eating equivalent to respecting, for a lima bean? I’m not sure about the answer, and I suspect I’ve asked a pretty stupid question.

Today is more commonly known for being 4/20, a day celebrated by marijuana enthusiasts. It is a strange coincidence that these two events have been assigned to the same day, and somehow I can picture the people who are motivated to light up today being a part of the same crowd that gets a kick out of healthy, sustainable food sources.

If you don’t want to celebrate both days, I think the healthiest choice is to go for the lima bean day. Like most beans, lima beans contain a great mix of fibre, nutrients and protein.

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