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Guest Post Guideline


  • I only accept guest posts from non-commercial writers. If you write for a commercial website and would like your article featured, please contact me via the contact page. I do accept sponsored posts.
  • Guest post contributors can have their own 1 or 2 sentence bio with a maximum of 2 links (no-follow) to their chosen website.
  • All guest posts must be over 1000 words unless your contribution is a video, photo series or for other reasons not suitable as a text-based post.
  • Your post must not be published anywhere else, and it should be unique, well-written, and useful.
  • You may not include follow-links for advertising purposes
  • Ideally, we like to put videos in our articles as it helps with the learning and reading experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have it, we can source through YouTube.
  • Suitable photos are accepted as long as they are relevant to the post and at least 750 x 500 pixels in size. Otherwise, photos can be sourced here.
  • Once your post is published, please take the time to respond to comments. This builds a great rapport with the readers and makes it more personal.
  • Your topic must be relevant to this website.
  • No submissions from gambling, porn, or political websites.