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Foods You Must Try in England

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Posted October 31, 2014 by Lauren Turnbull

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England is known for its stylish ladies and hearty cuisine. Try these fine foods on your next trip over the pond to get an authentically English experience.

How can you go wrong with the bacon butty’s two main ingredients, bread and meat? This BLT minus everything healthy is eaten as a quick sandwich on the go. It comes with a variety of condiments including butter, steak sauce or ketchup.

Yorkshire pudding is similar to a fluffy pancake and is commonly served with roasted meats. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, Yorkshire pudding is easy to make with a few eggs, some flour and milk.

This dish is 100% fried and 100% delicious. It is commonly served in newspaper with a large helping of french fries, referred to as chips in England, and a deep fried cod fillet. Douse this meal in malt vinegar or ketchup for an authentic taste.

Cottage pie, sometimes referred to as shepherd’s pie, is made with ground lamb or beef. A tomato base like ketchup adds acidity to this baked dish, while potatoes and gravy give it a hearty bite.

Perfect for a cold day on the English Coast, this combination of sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy is certainly not for travelers watching their waistlines.

Get your taste of royal tradition by observing afternoon tea. Loose leaf tea is brewed in a large tea pot and served with finger foods such as sandwiches, scones and pastries.

Many popular dishes in England borrow from Indian cuisine. The term curry is actually used in British cooking and not in Indian dishes. British curries are often fusion gravies made with curry powder to create spiced sauces. The popular dish chicken tikka masala is said to be more British than Indian.


After a long day of eating meat and potatoes, relax with this popular drink made from gin, seltzer, cucumber, and fruit liqueur.

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This sweet checkered sponge cake is held together by apricot jam and covered with a light layer of white marzipan.

A Christmas time favorite, this pudding is sometimes called plum pudding. It is made from a long list of ingredients including dried fruits, spices, mutton fat and brandy.