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Food Truck Nation: 10 Intriguing Food Trucks Across the U.S.

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Posted October 11, 2014 by Melanie Heggs

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Surely everyone’s noticed that food trucks have exploded onto the scene in recent years. With the business becoming super popular, we have more options than ever. Check out this list of 10 unique food trucks that are scattered across the U.S. Brace yourself—this list will make you hungry!

This D.C.-based truck sells mini cheesecakes that come in a delicious array of flavors, including: Irish Whiskey, Tiramisu, Apple Crumb, and Brown Sugar Bourbon. They’re affiliated with Sweetz Cheesecake in Gaithersburg, Maryland and donate 10 percent of their proceeds to charities in the D.C. area.

If you’re hungry for real Belgian waffles, Golden Waffle is the truck for you. They’re made with Belgian pearl sugar and cooked with traditional cast iron waffle makers. The end result is fresh, soft and warm, but the best part is that these waffles are topped off with many different concoctions, such as bananas and nutella, strawberries with caramel sauce and ice cream with chocolate drizzle, to name a few. Yum!

Cousins Maine Lobster is owned by, you guesed it—two cousins from Maine. The trucks travel all around SoCal, from Los Angeles to Orange County, selling real lobster sent over from Maine. The delectable seafood is incoporated into rolls, bisque and tacos, but the standout item that they’ve been known to sell is their lobster ice cream!

This is a great way to get your bubble tea fix if you’re in the Atlanta area. If you’re not familar with bubble tea, it’s a Taiwanese invention with tapioca pearls, or “bubbles”, at the bottom. The drink comes with a straw that’s wide enough to slurp up the chewy pearls. ATL’s Bubble Tea Truck carries the flavors kiwi, peach, mango and many more.

The first of its kind in the country, this is a truck that sells just dog treats. They sell hand-crafted cookies, ice cream, and frozen yogurts for canines, made with natural, organic ingredients and are gluten-free. If you want your dog to have a healthy snack on the go, this is the place.

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You can find this truck on Alys Beach, selling yummy flavors that range from red velvet cake to sour cream pound cake. They also sell a donut with maple glaze and bacon pieces crumbled on top. They typically host long lines of donut lovers, but they’re so popular that the truck sometimes runs out. If you want a taste of these scrumptious donuts, you better get there early!

If you want some fresh, hot wings on the go, this is the place to find it. They bring a southern flavor to the Vegas area with their golden brown wings and assortment of flavorful sauces, like buffalo, raspberry chili, and a concoction they call the “Bobby Q” sauce, made with barbecue and brown sugar. They also sell sides to complement the wings, such as their tasty southern fried pickles.

Philadelphia-style pretzels can now be acquired in the San Diego area from this bright yellow truck, decorated with images of Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell and the Philly skyline. The soft and doughy pretzels attract huge crowds and come in original and cinnamon sugar drizzle flavors.

This is grilled cheese like you’ve never had. The “Cheesy Mac and Rib” features macaroni and BBQ pork. A bit more extravagant is the “Pretzel Melt”, which includes chicken bratwurst, red cabbage sauerkraut and sautéed peppers, all on pretzel bread. Their menu has multiple other options, even a s’more-inspired “dessert melt”.

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Are you craving New Orleans-style beignets, but live in Michigan? Don’t fret, because there’s a truck near you that sells just that! These deep fried pastries are dusted with powdered sugar, just like the ones in the French Quarter. Get them with chocolate or raspberry sauce drizzle, if you’d like. Particularly alluring is the “Cronacon”, a regular beignet, but sprinkled with bacon. Is your mouth watering yet?