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4 Interesting Steps Help You To Make Calories In Pork Fried Rice

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Pork fried rice is delicious food. However, fried rice needs a lot of oil to cook, so some people believe pork fried rice is unhealthy. If you know how to balance the fried rice ingredients, you will have a delicious and nutritious dish. You will have a new healthy and tasty dish for your daily diet. 

Besides, the nutrition of pork fried rice will be based on how you implement each ingredient. Inappropriate cooking can result in adverse health issues for the individual consuming it.

Let’s pin down more knowledge around the calories in pork fried rice to have a balanced meal.   

How To Make Pork Fried Rice?

Making pork fried rice is very simple for some people who love cooking. However, this dish may be a bit confused for anyone who does not know its basic recipe.


  • 2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/2 lb. ground pork
  • Salt, black pepper
  • 1 tsp grated ginger
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 frozen pea
  • 4 cooked white rice
  • 2 tsp low-sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tsp hoisin sauce
  • 3 green onions
  • 1 tsp sesame oil


Step 1: Heating 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and adding eggs. After then, lightly scrambling and folding the egg mixture over itself. 

Step 2: Heating one tablespoon oil, then adding onion and carrot and stirring until the vegetables are tender.

Step 3: Adding pork with salt and pepper and cooking until pork is no longer pink. Then, adding and stirring ginger, garlic, and peas and cook until they are fragrant.

Step 4: Adding rice with soy sauce, hoisin, green onions, and sesame oil and cooking in a few minutes.

How To Choose The Suitable Rice To Cook Pork Fried Rice?

Two main types of rice are used to make fried rice, white rice and brown rice. Each type of rice has different calories and nutrition. The rice type and cooking choice dramatically influence fried rice, and the calories in fried rice. 

You can try a variety of rice until you find the one that suits your taste. Let’s read the information about the nutrition and benefits of each type of rice below to choose the right rice type for your meals.

White rice

White rice is one of the most popular rice globally because it is easier to cook and eat. However, this rice does not contain many nutrients. It has calories, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and a negligible portion of minerals such as sodium, calcium, and iron.

Using white rice will help you save your cooking time. However, this rice is not suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Brown rice

Brown rice is not as common as white rice because it takes you a long time to prepare (from 22 to 36 hours before cooking).

Brown rice does not contain as many calories and fat as white rice. Therefore, this rice is used by many famous idols because it can help them ensure their weight. And its high fiber will make people full for a long time, so it is suitable for weight loss.

Moreover, brown rice also contains fewer carbohydrates than white rice. Therefore, brown rice may help reduce the risk of diabetes, which is good for your health. And eating brown rice also enables you to avoid some diseases.

What Types Of Nutrients Does Pork Fried Rice Contain?

Pork fried rice is a plate that fully combines five groups of essential nutrients (except water). Pork fried rice contains carbohydrates in rice and corn, proteins and lipids in pork, minerals, and vitamins in vegetables.

With each ingredient specific to each group of such nutrients, you can completely adjust the calories in pork fried rice to suit your body’s needs by adjusting the number of ingredients in the pork fried rice.

Are The Calories In Grilled Pork Chop Good?

Grilled pork chop provides a lot of calories. However, it cannot be denied that the majority of calories in grilled pork chop come from fat.

There are 195 calories for every 100 grams of grilled pork ribs. In particular, up to 112 calories come from fat (accounting for about 53% of the total calories in grilled pork ribs). Also, there are up to 12.5 grams of fat.

Therefore, many people think that grilled pork chop is unhealthy, while others believe the opposite.

Let’s read more exciting information below to see if the calories in grilled pork ribs are harmful, as many people think. Here I will introduce to you some of the raw nutritional ingredients in grilled pork chop.


Abundant protein

The protein content of pork chop accounts for 70% of the nutritional value.

Protein is one of the essential nutritional components for humans. Lack of protein leads to malnutrition, slow growth, immunodeficiency, adversely affecting the function of organs in the body, compared to calories in roasted Brussel sprouts.

Protein is an essential ingredient that helps other nutrients metabolize their functions properly, such as vitamins and minerals. In the absence of protein absorption, many vitamins do not fulfill their functions. However, there are many vitamins in the body.

Protein also plays an important role in stimulating appetite. Lack of protein will make the body get rid of the umbilical cord, slow body growth, and decrease the body’s immunity.

Protein is a source of energy that keeps the body healthy.

Iron – an indispensable metal

The amount the body needs is not much. Iron is one of the important nutritional components in grilled pork chop, quite important for health.

Iron is essential for young children, the elderly, and pregnant women. Iron deficiency makes children malnourished, stunted, or tired in the elderly, reduced working capacity, Pregnant women’s dizziness, and headaches.

Potassium – an essential mineral

The potassium in grilled pork chop helps regulate the balance of water and electrolytes, helping maintain daily activities.

Potassium helps lower blood pressure, reduces heart attack risk, improves the body’s insulin use, reduces arrhythmias’ frequency, and improves signs of depression and anorexia.

Besides, potassium grilled pork chop helps to convert glucose into glycogen, a major energy source for all activities of the body, preventing osteoporosis due to osteoporosis that makes bones more prone to fracture in the elderly.

There is a lot of fat in grilled pork chops. It is a lipid that provides calories for energy. It is divided into two types of saturated fat and unsaturated fat.

Is Fat Not Good For Health?

In the grilled pork chops, stearic acid does not affect the cholesterol index, which is an entirely healthy ingredient.

Two types of saturated fatty acids increase the body’s cholesterol (palmitic acid and lauric acid). These two fats raise bad cholesterol and also good cholesterol.

However, according to nutritionists, people with high cholesterol levels in the blood should not eat a lot of pork.

The Vitamins And Minerals Found In The Grilled Pork Chop

Grilled pork chop is a rich food source of many vitamins and minerals such as thiamin, selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Niacin,…

Vitamins and minerals are essential substances of the body, participating in cell structure, energy supply metabolism, and all living activities of the body. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for health.

The vitamins in the Grilled pork chop help the body create the body’s supply, protect cells from attacks by infectious agents thanks to their properties against oxidation, detoxification, and repair damaged structures.

Great Advantages: Full Nutrients And Easy To Balance Essential Nutrients

As mentioned above, pork fried rice is an excellent combination of food groups. It contains five groups of nutrients and ingredients to provide the necessary energy for a meal.

Each ingredient in pork fried rice represents each group of nutrients. When you want to increase or decrease the amount of a nutrient, you just need to add or remove the corresponding ingredients. Interestingly, you can easily combine a variety of vegetables with pork fried rice. Usually, people use green beans, carrots, peas, etc. However, depending on your taste, preferences, and nutritional needs, you can completely add other vegetables.

Here is a recipe to suggest a nutritious pork fried rice dish.

Let’s watch: Pork Fried Rice: Healthy Recipe.

Closing Ideas Of Calories In Pork Fried Rice

Hopefully, the above information has provided you with knowledge about the calories in pork fried rice. Let me comment if you find it interesting, useful. Share with me the nutritious pork fried rice recipe created by you.

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