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Best Seasonal Food Items Ever

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Posted November 6, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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Check out the best seasonal food items to eat during the holidays!

You can put extra spices in it and drink it warm or drink it straight out of the carton. Either way, apple cider is delicious.

These are perfect to serve with after dinner coffee. Plus, they can be made so many different ways.

Peanut butter covered in chocolate? Yes please!

These are the ultimate seasonal food item, especially when you make them with family.

Every year, homemade fudge is everywhere throughout the holidays. All kinds of flavors from chocolate to mint, yummy!

Another tasty cookie that comes around during the holiday season.

These are great little bite size snacks to eat before the big holiday feast.

This is an easy to make holiday item that pleases everyone. Just some candy coating and crushed candy cane and you have peppermint bark.

When the holidays come around, puppy chow is everywhere and it is amazing!

Everybody’s recipes is just a little bit different. Cover it in chocolate or spices, either way it is wonderful.