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20 Worst Food Tattoos on the Internet

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Posted October 31, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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Thinking about getting a food tattoo? Stay away from these worst food tattoos on the internet.

Half of an avocado on one arm and half on the other. Just a horrible tattoo overall.

Apparently they want to keep bacon close to their heart.

This tattoo is supposed to be a taco? Worst taco I have ever seen.

Horrible breakfast foods tattooed on your forearm is not a good look for anyone.

This is a horrible portrayal of pizza, it is not even close to looking like the real thing.

When life gives you a bald head, tattoo eggs and bacon on it?

Okay I get the Nightmare Before Christmas theme, but on the knuckles? Doesn’t look good at all.

This is bad on so many levels. So many bad foods and horrible shading.

No one would ever eat this hamburger, it looks disgusting.

Why get a tattoo of an avocado on your hip? If you are going to, at least make sure it is a ripe avocado.

What is with the blue glow around the hot dog?

This kid actually got a tattoo of a McDonald’s receipt on his forearm. He is going to regret that.

This is a horrible depiction of pancakes. Plus they don’t shine, why does it have lines around it?

Maybe this is their favorite sandwich. It is wrong on so many levels.

A tattoos of a pizza with seemingly random stuff scattered on it is not flattering at all. The design is bad as well as the actual tattoo.

I hope they got a lot of money for this horrible tattoo.

Apparently this person really loves pork.

Whenever anyone asks if they want condiments, they can just hold out their knuckles.

Maybe he wants to be reminded every day how much he likes tacos.