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18 Signs You’re Addicted To Portillo’s

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Posted October 3, 2014 by Kathryn Rostan

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Portillo’s has been a staple in Chicago for as long as I can remember. What’s not to love? Their food is amazing, their service is first class and there’s a warm feeling that you get with each visit.

Here are signs that you’re a Portillo’s addict.

No matter how many other hot dogs you have tried in your day, none of the compare to the delightful Portillo’s dog. The perfectly cooked hot dog, topped with fresh tomatoes and a juicy pickle and the perfectly seeded poppy seed bun is simply amazing.

After you try any other hot dog, the only thing you can say is “this isn’t as good as Portillo’s”.

You have explored and conquered each menu item, all the way down to the Grilled Tuna Sandwich.

And each and every item was magically delicious.

If you’re a true Portillo’s fanatic, you know that the first store was a tiny little trailer in Villa Park, IL… look how far it’s come.

Whether it was for a family party or sending yourself a little gift when you were away at college, you have ordered the italian beef sandwich or hot dog pack from Portillo’s…. and we all know that it’s just as good as when you go into the restaurant.

Each birthday you have one simple request: a Portillo’s chocolate cake.

Let’s face it, no birthday is the same without it!

The man, the myth, the legend.

Having gone to Portillo’s all these years, we have been extremely spoiled to have delicious cheese dipping sauce to accompany our fries. Sadly, not all restaurants offer cheese sauce for the fries… and when they don’t, you get pissed.

Just another reason to stick with Portillo’s and Portillo’s only.

Yes, you treat a fast food restaurant the same way you would treat your child. If anyone messes with Portillo’s or speaks ill of it, you will stand up and defend your baby. Because Portillo’s always has been and always will be the best fast food chain in the world.

A party just isn’t a party without Portillo’s! If you are a true Portillo’s addict, you have had it catered on one or multiple occasions.

It seems like high school graduation is the most popular catering for Portillo’s.

A delicious, but extremely filling feat.

Example: You’ve moved from Chicago to California and you cannot think about anything BUT Portillo’s. You’ve actually driven two hours to the Buena Park location and didn’t think twice about it.

Whether you’re just getting home from college or a trip away from home, you always make Portillo’s your first stop. It’s actually a no-brainer.

Let’s face it- the Portillo’s hot dog is just about the hottest model that you will ever work with. You’ve snapped photos of it, posted it to Facebook or Instagram and watched the comments pour in: “OMG, I am so jealous… you actually made me want Portillo’s so bad that I am going out to get it now. Thanks”

You’re welcome.

You’ve taken a little drive to Oak Brook just so you could catch a glimpse of the house where the Great and Powerful Wizard of Portillo’s lives…

Extremely creepy, but almost necessary.

It’s hard to believe, but there are people out there who have not had the pleasure of dining at Portillo’s.

When someone you know and love tells you that they have not been to Portillo’s before, you get on your soap box and list all the delicious facts about Portillo’s and plead for them to go immediately or sooner.

You just had the pleasure of dining inside Portillo’s and go to your car to go home. Think again, you aren’t even hungry but you just want a little something else.

Without shame, you go through the drive through and order an onion ring and maybe a little chocolate cake shake as a night cap.

At the end of a no good, terrible, very bad day- you want one thing and one thing only to make you feel better- Portillo’s.

Works every time!