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15 Best Cities to Live in if You’re a Foodie

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Posted October 26, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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Is your city on the list?

Asheville boasts both great beer and food. Many independent restaurants are scattered throughout the city which use local ingredients and grass fed livestock.

Berkeley offers everything from food trucks to neighborhood bistros. The city is full of talented chefs who create delicious meals and most of them use locally sourced ingredients.

Boulder has everything from American food to International dishes, and they all do it really well. They are also known for their wine and cocktails.

From organic produce at the farmer’s market to high end restaurants, Burlington is a great place to live if you love delightful food.

Charleston has the perfect combination of southern cooking and seafood. With friendly locals and quaint bed and breakfasts, Charleston is an excellent place to eat and relax.

Chicago is best known for its deep dish pizza, but it is also home to exquisite burgers and high class restaurants. From cheap street food to expensive restaurants, Chicago has something for everyone.

Home of Creole cuisine, New Orleans is the place to go for classic and modern ethnic food.

This city has a multitude of choices when it comes to food. New York is a hot spot for any foodie to live.

Omaha is the food center of the Midwest. The city specializes in meat, and chefs throughout the area create special menus for visitors.

Portland has 200 different food trucks and home to many microbrews. They are also known for their farm-to-table dining.

Providence is home to the farm-to-table movement. In some places, you can even find boat-to-table. Either way, they have fresh food just waiting to be eaten.

San Antonio is known for its barbeque and ethnic food. The Riverwalk is a popular place to sit, relax, and eat many of these foods.

Savannah is known for its small neighborhood cafes with southern favorites. The atmosphere surrounding this city is one that is relaxing and peaceful.

Scottsdale has a huge Latin influence and has many restaurants that serve up delicious versions of this food. Enjoy their tasty beer along with your food.

Set in the northern part of Michigan, this city has artisan bakeries and large farmer’s markets. It is also in the heart of Michigan’s wine country so there are many places to go wine tasting.