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13 Worst Celebrity Tippers

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Posted October 18, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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These celebrities have a reputation as the worst tippers in Hollywood.

She once left a 10 dollar tip on a 457 dollar bill. She is known for small tips, when she tips at all.

On a 350 dollar bill he left a tip of 3 dollars. That comes out to 1%.

Once at a restaurant, she had a 500 dollar bill and left 26 dollar as a tip. That equals 5%. Another time at a restaurant in Vegas, she made her waiter get her a Starbucks coffee from across the street and didn’t even pay for it!

Her and her boyfriend’s meal was comped at a restaurant and she only left a 10% tip.

The Entourage start once left a DVD set of Entourage as a tip.

While at a restaurant, the manager gave her the meal for free and she left no tip for the staff. That wasn’t the first time she hasn’t left a tip. She didn’t leave one when she had a 223 dollar bill either.

Once he racked up a tab of 800 dollar he left a 10 dollar tip. Not cool.

She has a reputation for being a bad tipper, if she tips at all. At a London restaurant she tipped 18 dollars on a 400 dollar bill. She has also been reported not tipping at all.

While out on the town with her entourage, she insisted the restaurant stay open later to accommodate them. Once they were done, no on in her entourage even left a tip.

At an Outback Steakhouse in Burbank, CA, Miley apparently had a 70 dollar meal and didn’t leave a tip.

She says leaving a 7% tip is sufficient. As someone working in the food industry, you would think at least she would tip higher.

While dining at a restaurant in New Orleans, Penn and his crew had a 450 dollar bill. Penn nor any of his friends left a tip. Horrible.

He is notorious for leaving his autograph as a tip. Currently on eBay the going rate is 2.75 for his autograph.