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10 Most Underrated Seasonal Treats Ever

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Posted November 26, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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These treats are tasty and should have more of a presence during the holidays.

Take mini sausage links and wrap them in bacon. Cover them with brown sugar and butter then Put them all into a pan. Cook for a while and you will have a savory treat.

Really any chocolate covered fruit. Whether its cherries or strawberries, we should definitely see more of these around the holidays.

Oreos are great, but cover them in chocolate and they become divine! Plus you can make all kinds of designs to fit your theme, such as snowmen or reindeer.

These are easy to make and taste delicious. Roll out refrigerated croissant dough then cover it with cinnamon and sugar. Cut them into strips, roll them up, and bake.

Monkey bread doesn’t have to be just for breakfast. Use it as an appetizer or an after meal treat. It really is good anytime of the day.

If you do not have these at every Christmas party, you are failing. Peanut butter balls taste amazing!

Popcorn can be dressed up so many different ways. Cover it with chocolate or add spices to it. This is definitely an underrated treat and should get more attention.

Put Hershey Kisses in the middle of wreath pretzels then put them in the hot oven for just a couple of minutes. Once they melt, put a M&M in the middle and you are done. This is sweet and salty perfection.

Once a year this treat comes around. Just some Crispex, chocolate, peanut butter and all covered in powdered sugar. This should be the main course.

These are a classic and easy to make. Just melt the marshmallows, stir in Rice Krispy’s, then flatten out into a 9×13 pan. Rice Krispy treats should be on your Christmas platter.