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10 Grossest Food Related Crimes

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Posted November 8, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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These food related crimes are some of the grossest out there.

A father accused his 18 year old son of stealing his sister’s Halloween candy. The 18 year old got mad and punched is father in the face. He was charged with harassment and simple assault.

A man in Lomita, CA killed his wife then boiled her body in water for four days. He then disposed of the liquid through the grease trap put the remains in the trash.

When a customer didn’t have enough money for the Pizza Hut delivery driver, the driver peed on her front door. The driver was fired and ended up apologizing to the customer.

In 2009, Domino’s employees filmed themselves putting food up their nose. The video went viral and Domino’s fired then sued the employees who shot the video.

A brother and sister went to jail because of fighting over a sandwich. The brother ate the sandwich but they both have different accounts what happened after that. What did happen for sure were fists flew and they both went to jail for domestic violence.

A teenager found a finger in his roast beef sandwich at an Arby’s in Michigan. The worker slicing the meat accidentally cut off part of their finger and didn’t tell anyone. Arby’s later apologized for the incident.

In Iron Mountain, Michigan, a McDonald’s employee spit into a police officer’s snack wrap. He was charged with “one felony count of placing harmful objects in food,” because his saliva contained hepatitis C.

In 2013, Burger Kings across Europe had horse meat in their “100%” all beef patties. Burger King apologized and have since found a new meat supplier.

An uncle and his nephew were arguing over what to call the pork they were cooking. The debate was between “pork steaks” or “pork chops.” The nephew ended up shooing the uncle and was arrested.

In Tennessee, a man broke into a convenience store and covered his naked body with nacho cheese. He stole about 40 dollars in chips and 7 dollars in nacho cheese.