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10 Greatest Fast Food Spots For Breakfast

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Posted September 22, 2014 by Caitlin Bussmann

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Breakfast has become a commodity to fast food chains where once upon a time only hamburgers and fries were available off the side of the highway. Now, restaurants have stepped up to include pretty good breakfast too.

There isn’t a person in this world who hasn’t enjoyed Mickey D’s, before and after “Super Size Me” premiered. But, they didn’t always cater to the morning crowd; in fact, their ever-expanding breakfast menu didn’t exist until recent decades.

Coffee without breakfast is like some sort of sin. Thankfully, Starbucks offers yummy, avant garde breakfast options along with their famous coffee.

Originally famous for their great donuts, nowadays, DD’s is the go to breakfast place if you’re rushing out the door.

Subway’s sandwiches have taken over the deli game, and now they’re breaking into breakfast.

Another burger favorite has decided to offer the “real breakfast sandwich” with actually cooked eggs and premium meat with ciabatta bread. It’s pretty fancy.

Mm, not ordinarily known for its breakfast, Taco Bell has gone out on a limb and come up with some interesting choices for their menu. My personal favorite the waffle burrito; eat if you dare.

The ultimate chicken breakfast sandwich of all time. Hands down.

OK, maybe hands up for Bojangles and their made from scratch morning chicken biscuits. Chic-fil-a is a close second, though.


All hail the International House of Pancakes and free pancake day. I know people who will take off work, school or forget their kids at daycare for some free pancakes.

The best known waffles in this country, and a golden ray of sunshine to tired drivers across the U.S. looking for yummy goodness at 3 a.m.