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10 Animals You Didn’t Know Are Served At Restaurants

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Posted October 21, 2014 by Jodi Hillman

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Around the world, these exotic animals are common on menus.

Fried Tarantulas are served in Cambodia. The tarantulas are covered in spices then fried in a garlic oil.

Guo-Li-Zhuang serves a variety of animal penis’ to help with virility. Choose from dog penis, goat penis, and horse penis, just to name a few.

Elephant meat is served most commonly in Africa. They are still an endangered species but are found on some restaurant menus around the world.

At Public Bar & Kitchen in Brisbane, they make an Emu Taretare served with mustards, and pickles.

At the Archipelago Restaurant, they marinate kangaroo meat then serve it up on skewers.

Taco Fusion, a Florida Restaurants, serves up Safari Tacos. Choose from Kangaroo, Beaver, Gazelle, Rattlesnake, or Lion.

A salad made with ants. It is served chilled so the ants move slower. Supposedly they taste like lemongrass.

These are served commonly in Asian countries. Other meat is not readily available so they serve fried rats in place of beef or pork.

A Korean dish where the octopus is served live. Live enough that it will still be moving around when you attempt to eat it.

Served at the Archipelago Restaurant in the UK, zebra is served as a crispy jerky.